SAI Somalia conducts an internal strategic management workshop in Mogadishu in October 2017


From 2015-2017 IDI supported SAI Somalia to enhance its performance by developing a strategic plan based on a thorough needs assessment. SAI Somalia completed their needs assessment and strategic plan and shared this widely both internally and externally the second half of 2017. The SAI has also with IDI support developed an operational plan, a plan for financial and technical support to implement the strategic plan and established a good dialogue with financial donors.

For 2018-2020 IDI and AFROSAI-E are supporting SAI Somalia to implement the six strategic goals:

  1. Timely, relevant and high-quality audit reports in line with international standards
  2. Strengthening Internal Governance for efficient and Effective Audit Services
  3. Strengthen external communication and stakeholder relations to ensure audit recommendations are implemented and reports have an impact on governance and accountability
  4. Well qualified and professional staff and management
  5. Sufficient infrastructure and ICT capacity for efficient operations
  6. Amend the old legal framework OAGS currently operates under

The support is provided as a combination of technical peer-support and logistical support to key events and trainings. This is organized through two peer-teams (audit and internal governance and independence) with representatives of IDI, AFROSAI-E and regional SAIs.

To ensure robust and relevant support for all the six strategic goals of OAGS, multiple mechanisms of support are needed, including support for recruitment of new staff, engagement of long-term advisors, peer-support mechanisms and direct financial support for procurements related to ICT and infrastructure.

The World Bank and other donors are also partners of SAI Somalia. IDI seeks to have an advisory role for the totality of external support and be the responsible provider of peer-support in cooperation with AFROSAI-E.


For 2015-15 the funding was provided by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and IDI core funds. For 2018-2020 funding is provided by the Norwegian embassy in Nairobi and IDI core funds. To read the funding contract click here.


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