IDI, AFROSAI-E and SAI South Sudan staff at the 2017 Annual meeting in Juba

South Sudan

IDI and AFROSAI-E jointly support the National Audit Chamber (NAC), the SAI of South Sudan, in implementing key strategic priorities for 2017-2020, especially in the areas of auditing, stakeholder relations and planning, quality control and reporting. Funding is provided by the Norwegian embassy (MFA Norway) in Juba. SAI Kenya and Norway provide in-kind resource persons. 

The support also entails NAC participation at AFROSAI-E events, as well as sensitizing key auditees and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on NAC’s function, standards, operations, recent findings and how audit reports can be followed up. This sensitization is regarded to be important to prepare for a stronger role of NAC in a more stable situation in South Sudan. To ensure institutionalization of skills internally, the project also includes support to management systems and an annual knowledge sharing workshop for all staff. The management support will focus on establishing an overall annual audit plan and system for monitoring, reporting and quality control in NAC.


The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Juba supports the project with 3 million Norwegian kroner for 3 years. To view the contract click hereIDI core funds are also used to cover costs for the project.


Project Agreements and Reports

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