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pdf Audit of Extractive Industries


2013 study which led to the establishment of the Working Group on Extractive Industries Audit

This study, conducted by the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat (now the Global Foundations Unit) and AFROSAI-E was based on a mapping of experiences, best practices, challenges and needs of SAIs in auditing Extractive Industries. The analysis showed a need for a capacity development program tailored to SAI needs, and general knowledge sharing of SAIs and other stakeholders. The report recommended the establishment of an institutional anchor within INTOSAI to take forward these, and possibly other, approaches.

Based on the report, the INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee suggested the establishment of a Working Group on Extractive Industries Audit to the INTOSAI Governing Board. The 64th INTOSAI Governing Board agreed on SAI Uganda as chair of the Working Group.

The full report “Audit of Extractive Industries” is available in English.