Colleagues from SAIs around the world,

We rely on your responses in order to gain a full understanding of the
development of global SAI capacities and performance​.

When your SAI shares information, it…

  • Supports the improvement and further development of IDI and INTOSAI organisations´ Strategic plans ​
  • Helps in providing a global and regional overview of SAI performance and capacities
  • Enables to demonstrate successes in enhancing SAI performance​
  • Helps to identify global and regional challenges, opportunities and trends as well as SAI performance and capacities needs
  • Supports the selection of priorities of SAI’s, INTOSAI’s, Development Partners’ and other stakeholders

The Global Survey is a joint INTOSAI effort administered by IDI to assess the levels of, and changes in SAI capacities and performance. It also provides information about additional aspects including SAI profile, audit processes, SAI professionalization and partnership with peers and others providing support. ​

The Global Report takes the Global Survey as a key source of data and makes use of other available data. It can serve as a source for identifying topics for further strengthening and research.​

Questions about our changing SAI world...

  • How are SAIs engaging in SDGs implementation? ​
  • How are SAIs safeguarding their independence?
  • What challenges do SAIs face globally and regionally? ​
  • How are SAIs managing ISSAI Implementation and professionalisation? be answered in the 2020 Global Survey!

As of 2017, this is how things
stood in the INTOSAI world

Global SAI Stocktaking Report 2017

Presentation by Einar Gørrissen​
February 12th, 2018.


Increased interference from the executive in budget process reported by SAIs from 41% in 2014 to 64 % in 2017.​

Source: INTOSAI Global Survey 2017

ISSAI implementation​

Compliance with manuals increases at a higher level than actual audit practices. ISSAI implementation takes time and requires professional staff operating with robust systems and processes, with appropriate levels of resources to meet higher audit standards and audit outcomes as well as an environment conductive to accountability and transparency.​

Implementation of level 3 ISSAIS

Source: IDI analysis of SAI PMF assessments 2017

Effectiveness of Support to SAIs ​

Major factors contributing to the effectiveness of support identified by SAIs:

  • Targeting SAI's needs and priorities​
  • Support adjusted to local context​
  • Transference of skills – building SAI capacity ​
  • Communication and coordination between SAI and development partners

Source: INTOSAI Global Survey 2017

Priorities of Regional Organisations

The top priorities for regions while supporting their members are:

  • SAI strategic management, performance measurement and reporting
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Support for ISSAI compliance 
  • Support for professional staff development, human resources management, IT and resource management

Source: INTOSAI Global Survey 2017

What will the INTOSAI world look like in 2020?

Overview of SAI Performance by 2017 in INTOSAI Regions

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