Independent Quality Assurance of IDI Pilot Project Audits

15 SAIs Reports on Project Audits for the years 2016- 2017 were quality assured.

The IDI has implemented a capacity development programme on the audit of externally funded projected in agriculture and food security sector since 2015. Included in the implementation strategy was an independent quality assurance of all pilot audits done by the SAIs to ensure compliant with the ISSAIs. Seven SAIs have participated in this programme namely; Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia and Zambia. 

This Quality Assurance exercise took place in Dare-salaam, Tanzania from 1-9 February 2018 and a total of 15 audit reports for both Compliance and Financial Audits were reviewed.

The participating SAIs were represented by the team leaders for the audits who attended to the queries raised by the reviewers. The reviewers made use of the quality assurance tools developed by the IDI for financial and compliance audits. Four reviewers were selected independently by AFROSAI-E from countries that did not take part in the programme namely; Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Botswana.

The participating SAIs are expected to come up with an Action Plans that will be aimed at addressing the weaknesses if any identified through this exercise to ensure audit quality in future audits.

Courtesy call to the CAG Tanzania 





Quality Review Exercise Exit Meeting with team leaders