Turkish Court of Accounts Contributing to Enhanced ICT-Audit Capacity in OAG Somalia

IDI facilitates provision of specialised audit competencies for SAI Somalia.

As part of a 3-year Strategic Plan, OAG Somalia has ambitions to enhance its capacity to conduct an audit of ICT-systems. The annual accounts in Somalia are produced through an Integrated Financial Management Systems, and there are several other ICT-systems being developed to use within Government Agencies. Assessing how well the ICT-systems are working is important for OAG Somalia, in order to ensure reliable financial statements as well as efficient and effective delivery of services.

The Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) has conducted audits of ICT-systems for many years having a wide experience in such audits. TCA will contribute two advisors for OAG Somalia. The advisors will be a part of an already established team of peers from the region working with OAG Somalia. The project is a partnership with IDI and AFROSAI-E for 2018-2020. The overall objective of the project is to enable OAG Somalia to implement its strategic plan. Audit of ICT is linked to the support to strategic goal number one: Timely, relevant and high-quality audit reports in line with international standards.

The funding for the project is provided by the Norwegian embassy in Nairobi and IDI core funds. For more about the project, see here.

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