Estonia NAO and MFA supports IDI’s “SAI Young Leaders” and “Auditing SDGs” initiatives

Estonian NAO and MFA provide support to strengthening young leaders in Supreme Audit Institutions and SAIs’ role in auditing SDGs

Two important IDI initiatives will be supported by the National Audit Office (NAO) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Estonia.

The NAO signed an agreement with IDI to support IDI’s SAI Young Leaders Initiative (SYL). A successful pilot of this initiative in 2018 prompted the NAO to support IDI with a one-off and targeted funding to contribute to a continuation of the initiative.

SAI leaders are key drivers of any SAIs journey towards greater impact. Recognising the significance of SAI leadership education, the IDI launched the SAI Young Leaders initiative in 2017. The first batch of 20 SYLs, including an SYL from SAI Estonia, graduated in 2018. Based on enthusiastic support for the continuation of this initiative, SYL will continue in 2019. 25 candidates will be selected based on pre-determined criteria through two rounds of screening in 2019. The first face to face international interaction and online interaction will be held in 2019. The pilot run of SYL (2018-2019) saw an unprecedented completion rate of 90% successful young women leaders (18 out of 20 SYLs were women). The SYL initiative has a strong focus on women in leadership positions.

Separately, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Estonia will continue its support for IDI’s Auditing SDGs initiative. SAIs play an important in implementing the SDGs. Through their audits, SAIs can make valuable contributions to national efforts to track progress, monitor implementation and identify improvement opportunities across the full set of the SDGs. With the funding from the MFA, IDI will continue the Auditing SDGs initiative which has already received great response from many SAIs in developing countries. Among them are the target countries of the Estonian development programme.  

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