IDI Participates in IX. EUROSAI - OLACEFS Joint Conference

IDI joins SAIs from EUROSAI and OLACEFS to discuss how SAIs can boost their impact

With the participation of the Presidents from EUROSAI (SAI Turkey) and from OLACEFS (SAI Peru), the State Audit Office of Hungary organized the IX. EUROSAI - OLACEFS Joint Conference between 9 - 11 September 2020.

Along with the European Court of Auditors and other guests from the INTOSAI community, thirty-five SAIs from EUROSAI and nineteen SAIs from OLACFES participated in this online joint conference.

IDI representative moderated the panel on “Enhancing Measurement Methodologies”, in which colleagues from SAI Hungary, SAI Netherlands and SAI Peru brought presentations on their experience on this matter. Specifically, the panel focused on the different aspects and case studies related to the management and measurement of data under the actual circumstances, and on what lessons can be learned or what needs to be done and achieved for making sure that SAIs perform as per their mission, vision, standards and expectations from their societies and that data is reliable from the perspective of public trust.

Thank you to the SAI Hungary for organizing such a fruitful event!