The Winter 2019 INTOSAI Journal is available

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The Winter 2019 edition of the INTOSAI Journal, now available online at, highlights Stakeholder Engagement.

Inside you will find...

A thoughtful editorial from Dr Margit Kraker, IDI Board member, INTOSAI General Secretariat and President of the Austrian Court of Audit, who shares her thoughts on rethinking dialogue, particularly in times of enhanced stakeholder integration and modern technologies.

Enriching feature stories that highlight the various aspects and importance of stakeholder engagement:

  • SAI Estonia reveals the definitions, uses and impact of stakeholder engagement uncovered through international survey responses;
  • SAI Albania demonstrates how performance audits can be used to communicate, incorporate and better serve stakeholders;
  • SAI Nepal shows how mobilizing stakeholders can increase audit impact and provides interesting case studies as illustrations; and
  • SAI Netherlands describes how visual stories can transform audit speak into engaging, understandable reports.
  • The latest news from SAIs worldwide, along with special reports covering INTOSAI and regional events, including the INTOSAI Governing Board meeting in Moscow, where the first-ever INTOSAI Performance and Accountability Report was officially approved.

An update on the U.S. GAO Center for Audit Excellence (CAE) in this edition's Spotlight on Capacity Building demonstrating the CAE's progress in building worldwide capacity and good governance.