Audit Review Meeting on the Audit of Disaster Management

The IDI-ASOSAI 3i Cooperative Audit Programme on Audit of Disaster Management has reached it third stage. The participating SAI teams have completed the audit and came for audit review meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia from 10 to 14 October 2016 to discuss their draft audit reports. 48 participants from 17 SAIs participated in the meeting to finalize their draft report.

In the meeting the teams made presentations on their draft reports, reports were peer reviewed by other SAI member team members. Also SAI teams revised their reports following the guidance provided and discussion with the subject matter expert, resource persons, and IDI staff. The resource team discussed and guided the teams to make sure the teams prepare reports in compliance with the performance audit ISSAIs. Based on the review comments and discussion of the meeting the SAI teams will finalize their reports and submit it to the Head of SAI for approval by the end of November 2016.

The next step is to issue and publish the audit reports by the SAIs as agreed in the statement of commitment signed. In 2017 there will be an independent quality assurance of the audit done by the teams.