IDI-CAROSAI iCAT Review Workshop

The IDI-CAROSAI iCAT review workshop was held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago from 17 to 21 November 2014. 22 ISSAI Facilitators and participants from 9 SAIs including four mentors attended the workshop.

Under the 3i Programme SAIs of CAROSAI region have signed the Statement of Commitments to conduct iCATs and make implementation strategies based on iCAT results. To provide further support to the SAIs in completing the iCATs and implementation of the ISSAIs the IDI organized the workshop.The objective of the workshop was to:

‚ Provide ISSAI facilitators and their SAIs an update on the new Level 3 ISSAIs and their implications for ISSAI implementation
‚ Receive SAI feedback on use of iCATs and document lessons learned
‚ Review and feedback on iCATs by experts and mentors
‚ Discussion on using iCAT findings in crafting an ISSAI Implementation Strategy.

During the workshop the SAI teams started reviewing and revising the iCATs. At the end of the workshop the SAI teams agreed to finalize their revised iCATs based on the discussion and feedback received from the mentors.