Cooperation Meeting with ASEANSAI on IDI-ASEANSAI Cooperative Financial Audit

What does cooperation between the IDI and the ASEANSAI for ISSAI Implementation look like?

The IDI supports SAIs in conducting ISSAI based cooperative audits as a part of the ISSAI Implementation Initiative (3i programme). The ASEANSAI Supports its member SAIs in implementing ISSAIs. With a shared purpose of supporting ISSAI implementation,the  IDI and the  ASEANSAI have decided to partner to support member SAIs in ASENSAI in conducting a cooperative financial audit based on ISSAIs with an objective that ‘SAIs in ASEANSAI conduct ISSAI compliant financial audits’. 

The cooperation programme was kicked off in Malacca, Malaysia from 26-27 July 2018. The Heads of SAIs and the members of SAI management were invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, the IDI team discussed topics on financial audit ISSAI implementation initiative and issues related to ISSAI implementation as a whole. Eight SAIs who were present at the meeting shared ISSAI implementation experiences in their environments and the status of ISSAI adoption and implementation. The Heads of SAIs were informed of the support activities planned for this cooperative audit, and the required commitments from the SAIs.

Eight SAIs out of ten-member SAIs in ASEANSAI signed the Statement of Commitment with IDI and the ASEANSAI to participate in this programme. There were four mentors selected from the ASEANSAI region to act as resource persons and visit respective SAIs providing support at the conducting phase of the pilot audit. The programme will be implemented over a period 2018-2019 as a joint initiative of IDI and ASEANSAI.

The kick-off meeting was hosted by SAI of Malaysia with administrative support from ASEANSAI Secretariat. To learn more about the programme, please read the  Programme Announcement pdf . (817 KB)

This workshop was part of the ISSAI Implementation Initiative Programme please visit our programme page here.