eLearning Course Design meeting for 3i Cooperative Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation

As a part of the 3i programme in OLACEFS the IDI and OLACEFS are facilitating a Cooperative Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation Programme for 10 SAIs. In the programme IDI‚s new cooperative audit model will be followed as well as the audit will also help test concepts of risk and assurance in a performance audit.

Six resource persons from the SAIs of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala met in Brazil from 15-25 September 2015 in a product development meeting to design and develop the blended learning programme for supporting SAIs in conducting this audit. This eLearning course will be delivered to participants from 10 SAIs for 6 weeks during October- December 2015 period. After completion of the eLearning course, the SAI teams will conduct the cooperative audit in their respective SAIs.