3i Phase II: SAI Bhutan Pilot - Workshop on conducting ISSAI based audit

The 3i Phase II SAI level support is currently being piloted in SAI Bhutan. As a first step towards implementing this project, the three IDI resource persons in collaboration with six mentors from SAI Bhutan had delivered a workshop on conducting ISSAI based audit for a duration in two weeks in iCISA, Noida, India from 25 July to 5 August 2016 to a group of 60 participants.

Besides delivering sessions on audit methodologies in three streams of audit (Financial, Performance, and Compliance Audits), seven sessions on Moving towards ISSAI compliance were also delivered, which covered mapping mandate and current audit practice, assessing stakeholders‚ expectations, SAI readiness and resources, mapping current audit practice to ISSAI requirements, preparing ISSAI implementation strategy, and developing SAI annual plan. A session on ISSAI 100 was also delivered to arrive at a common understanding of three streams of audit vis-?†-vis the current audit practice in SAI Bhutan.

The 3i Phase II SAI level support extended to SAI Bhutan is first of its kind under 3i Phase II -ISSAI Implementation initiative of the IDI. The project is for a duration of three years, which amongst others include conducting ISSAI based financial, performance, and compliance audits. The pilot audits will also undergo a quality assurance review. The SAI mentors and a group of participants will further train other auditors in the SAI, and will follow the same process of conducting the pilot audits and QA review. SAI Bhutan aims to achieve ISSAI compliant audits in all three streams of audit by 2020 coinciding with the end of its current strategic plan.

Prior to delivering the workshop, a week long design workshop was held in the same premises from 18-22 July 2016.