3i Phase-I CREFIAF, iCAT review workshops for Compliance Audit & Financial Audit and Workshop on facilitating ISSAI Implementation

The above-mentioned workshops were held in Yaound?©, Cameroon from 20 June to 1 July 2016. A resource team of four experts from Cameroon, DR Congo, Gabon and Senegal reviewed iCATs (ISSAI Compliance Assessment Tools) conducted by 17 SAIs during the iCAT review workshop for Compliance Audit. 30 participants from 17 SAIs participated in this workshop. SAI teams also developed the first draft of their ISSAI Implementation.

Strategy based on the iCATs. SAIs are expected to modify iCATs and further develop ISSAI implementation strategies in Compliance Audit. At the Workshop on facilitating ISSAI implementation, participants of the ISSAI Certification Programme on compliance audit learned and practiced their roles as ISSAI advocates, ISSAI project managers and ISSAI learning facilitators.

Parallel workshops for iCAT review and facilitating ISSAI implementation were conducted for Financial Audit by four experts from Burundi, Cameroon and Senegal, in which 28 participants from 14 SAIs participated

Teams from SAI Guinea consisting of five participants , were also supported in implementing ISSAI based performance audit and compliance audit through a separate intervention as they had missed the 3i Programme, due to Ebola outbreak.