Tripartite meeting of ASOSAI Secretariat, ASOSAI Capacity Development Administrator and INTOSAI Development Initiative

Working together for enhancing SAIs’ performance capacities in ASOSAI region.

On the sidelines of annual Capacity Building Committee Meeting 2019 in Tokyo from 1-3 July 2019, a tripartite meeting of ASOSAI Secretariat, ASOSAI Capacity Building Administrator, and IDI was held on 3 July as a part of upcoming of ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting 2019. The main items discussed in the meeting were ASOSAI capacity development activities 2019-2021 and IDI-ASOSAI framework of long-term partnership 2019-2023. One of the priority areas discussed at the meeting was on building capacities of SAIs in ASOSAI region on auditing implementation of SDGs. IDI committed to support ASOSAI in this area by providing a model and methodology for auditing SDGs implementation, and learning material for ASOSAI’s blended learning initiative. The IDI is collaborating with ASOSAI to deliver an initiative on Cooperative Audit of Sustainable Procurement (SDG 12.7) using data analytics in 2020.

The outcome of this meeting will be reported at the ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting by ASOSAI Capacity Development Administrator, which will be held in Kuwait City from 21-23 July 2019.