New Partnership to Develop Future Leaders of SAIs

New agreement between the IDI and the MFA Hungary, facilitated by SAO Hungary, brings additional support to the SAI Young Leaders Programme

Signed during the joint CBC/IDSC meetings in Kuwait, this generous grant from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary will enable the SAI Young Leaders programme to not only continue the implementation of scheduled activities but also encourages enhancements to the programme. The State Audit Office of Hungary was instrumental in bringing the IDI and MoFA Hungary together, and in focusing the grant on assisting Young Leaders from SAIs in developing countries across the world. 

The SAI Young Leaders Programme embodies IDI’s experience that any transformation or performance enhancement in an SAI must be driven from within by the SAI’s leadership. While IDI and other partners can play a supporting role, it is the SAI leaders who are at the forefront of transforming their institution. Recognising the importance of leadership in the development of an SAI, the IDI Board asked IDI to include a leadership programme in its new portfolio of programmes. Looking to the future, the IDI decided to focus its efforts on SAI Young Leaders. As SAI Young Leaders alone cannot bring transformation, the entire leadership link needs to be involved in envisioning and effecting positive change. As the main purpose of all IDI endeavours is to see strong SAIs, the programme focuses on both individual leaders and their change strategies for bringing positive change. 

Today 20 future SAI leaders from 20 SAIs participating in the SAI Young Leaders Programme have successfully completed their August milestone.  The "IDI Award for Best Change Initiative" will be given to one of these future young leaders.

The signing ceremony was attended by Lilla Virag Haraszti, the Deputy Head of the Hungarian Embassy in Kuwait, Laszio Domokos, the President of SAO Hungary, Gyula Pulay, the Supervisory Manager for SAO Hungary, and Einar Gorrissen, the IDI Director General. IDI thanks MoFA Hungary for this grant and SAO Hungary for facilitating this support. 

hungary signing speech      hungary handshake

To learn more about this programme visit our programme page here.