SAI Second Screening Workshop

The programme held in Oslo aims at “Changed SAI Young Leaders contributing to positive change in SAIs."

In September 2017, 91 SAIs were invited to nominate candidates based on specified criteria. Each candidate was required to submit a strategy document for bringing change in any one area in the SAI’s strategic plan, an application letter, a CV, a reference letter from SAI Coach nominated. 

These documents submitted were vetted by a selection panel set up by the IDI. 40 candidates made it through the first screening and were invited to the second screening.
From the 20th to 24th of November, 35 (29 F & 6 M) participants from 23 SAIs from 6 regions participated in this Second Screening Workshop.

During this workshop, all participants presented and received feedback from peers and selection panel members on their change strategy proposals. Then all had the opportunity to modify their proposals based on the feedback received and resubmit to the IDI by end of the workshop. All participants were also interviewed by a selection panel.
Based on the applicants’ performance during the presentation, the quality of the change strategy proposal and the interview performance, the selection panel will select 25 applicants for participation in the SAI Young Leaders programme by 15 December 2017.

  pdf SYL Programme Announcement (1.01 MB)