Audit of Strong and Resilient National Public Health Systems (linked to SDG 3D)

Audit of Strong and Resilient national public health systems (linked to SDG 3D) is a pilot of IDI’s SDGs Audit Model (ISAM)

IDI, INTOSAI KSC, and INTOSAI Regional Organization (ASOSAI, ARABOSAI, CAROSAI) have sent out invitation packages to SAIs for 3D Audits. Please find more information in the announcements attached below.

As of 8 August 2020, 37 SAIs have signed Statement of Commitment (SoC) for 3D Audits (14 SAIs from ASOSAI, 2 SAIs from PASAI, 8 SAIs from ARABOSAI and 13 SAIs from CAROSAI).

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, IDI is developing an integrated education and audit support platform for 3D Audits. This virtual platform will provide online education, social learning, other resources and audit support to the SAI teams from October 2020 onwards.

IDI team is currently working together with 20 mentors from 17 SAIs to develop design and develop contents for this platform.

Experts from WHO, World Bank, International Budget Partnership and SAIs will be providing inputs for 3D Audit. 

IDI KSC ARABOSAI SDG 3D Audit Announcement

IDI KSC ASOSAI 3D Audit Announcement

IDI KSC CAROSAI 3D Audit Announcement