BPK and IDI Joint Seminar

Strengthening External Oversight on the Implementation of SDGs.

IDI and SAI Indonesia (BPK) held a seminar on strengthening external oversight of SDG implementation at the BPK headquarters on December 16, 2019. The seminar was attended by more than two hundred participants from SAI Management, senior auditors, external stakeholders, and ASOSAI and IDI teams.

The session began with a presentation from the Vice Chairman of the BPK, Agus Joko Pramono, about current and future SDG audit. He shared lessons on SDG readiness audit conducted by SAI Indonesia. He pointed out the challenges and opportunities for SDG Audit, especially those related to SDG principles such as the Whole of Government Approach, Leaving No One Behind and Multi-stakeholder Engagement. Going forward, SAI Indonesia is committed to carrying out SDG audits based on IDI's SDG Audit Model (ISAM).

IDI Deputy Director General, Archana Shirsat, presented IDI's SDG (ISAM) Audit Model. She shared the lesson learned from SDG Preparedness audit and the difference in auditing SDGs. She explained the definition and the concept, as well as the audit process of the audit of SDG implementation. She also informed IDI's plan to support SAIs in auditing SDG implementation.

Speakers from stakeholders provided feedback on presentations from SAI Indonesia and IDI. Representatives from the Indonesian National Planning Agency appreciated the work done by SAI Indonesia in the SDG readiness audit. They continued to look for collaboration in the SDG audit in the future. Speaker from the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for coordinating subnational development plans emphasized the role of auditors to examine integration and coherence in provincial and local governments.

A representative of Indonesian CSOs highlighted the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement for consideration by SAI in auditing SDGs as they have data and information needed by SAI to assess SDG implementation. Representatives from GIZ and World Bank also appreciated the role of the SAI and sought to support the SAI in auditing SDG implementation.

The purpose of this seminar is to hold SAI Leadership and auditors from BPK, and relevant stakeholders discussing proposed approaches, methodologies and audit issues relevant to the model and to receive input on SDG implementation audits to ensure that the audit model is relevant and live up to expectations. Specifically, this meeting sought to achieve the following objectives: explore the role of the SAI in the implementation and review of SDGs; discuss steps to strengthen external independent oversight in the follow-up and review process and discuss the audit model for auditing the implementation of SDGs

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