SAI Leaders and Stakeholders Workshop on Auditing Sustainable Development Goals

This workshop created awareness of SAIs’ role in auditing SDGs as well as the support required in auditing SDGs.

IDI and ARABOSAI organized a ‘SAI Leaders and Stakeholders Workshop on Auditing Sustainable Development Goals’ in Tunis, Tunisia on 17 March 2019, in conjunction with ARABOSAI Governing Board Meeting. Approximately 42 people from 16 SAIs and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) participated in this important workshop, including 11 SAI leaders.

The sessions included discussion on: Challenges and opportunities of SDG Implementation in ARABOSAI; Sharing experience from IDI, SAIs and ARABOSAI in SDG audit initiative; Result of a survey on the SDGs in ARABOSAI; Moving towards SDG relevant audits; Way forward.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for SAI leaders in ARABOSAI and key stakeholders to discuss important issues related to the audit of SDGs and Agenda 2030. This workshop also provides an opportunity to consult with SAI leadership in ARABOSAI on the IDI support required by SAIs in the region for auditing SDGs.



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For further information about the SAIs Auditing Sustainable Development Goals Programme, please see the webpage here.