SAI of Sir Lanka published their SAI PMF report

How does this SAI performance report assist the SAI of Sri Lanka?

The National Audit Office of Sri Lanka, under the Leadership of the Auditor General, Mr Gamini Wiesinghe, has made public its SAI performance report, prepared according to the SAI PMF methodology and independently reviewed by the IDI. The assessment was done between December 2017 and June 2018, by a mixed team of independent consultants and IDI staff. It was the first time the SAI carried out a holistic assessment of their performance. The findings of the SAI PMF report served as a major input for the preparation of the new SAI Sri Lanka Strategic Plan, as well as for clarifying the scope for capacity building assistance by external development partners. The SAI PMF report comes at a particularly pertinent time, as in July 2018 the Parliament in Sri Lanka passed a New Audit Bill, giving the SAI more independence and enhancing its mandate.


For further information about the programme, please see the webpage here.