SAI PMF basic training course in Jakarta

SAI PMF-Evidence Based Performance Measurement

Following a request by the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, IDI conducted an SAI Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF) Basic Training course in Jakarta, Indonesia from 30th October to 2nd November 2018. The course was attended by 22 participants from SAI Indonesia. In addition, 8 participants from the SAIs of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Thailand attended the training course at the invitation of the host SAI.

The objective of the training course was to build capacity in the use of the SAI PMF for measuring SAI performance. In order to determine the contribution of SAIs in making a difference to the lives of citizens in line with ISSAI 12, there is a need for SAIs to measure their performance periodically. There is no better way of measuring the performance of an SAI than to use a holistic, evidence-based and universally applicable performance measurement tool such as the SAI PMF. All SAIs in the INTOSAI Community are encouraged to adopt the use of the SAI PMF to measure their performance in an evidence-based manner.


For further information about the programme, please see the webpage here.