SAI PMF Independent Reviewer training course held in Oslo

Training increases the available personnel for SAI PMF Independent Reviews

IDI conducted its first-ever SAI PMF Independent Reviewers’ Training Course in Oslo from 20 to 23 November 2018. The course, which sought to increase the number of individuals in the INTOSAI community who can assist IDI in conducting independent reviews of SAI Performance Reports, included participants from IDI and the SAIs of Norway, Brazil, Tunisia, Philippines and Georgia. With the training of these additional Reviewers complete, IDI is now is now ready to meet the high demand from the increasing number of SAIs requesting Independent Reviews.

An Independent Review of an SAI Performance Report (SAI-PR) is a free service offered by IDI to SAIs who have recently undertaken an SAI-PMF assessment. In this process, an SAI submits its finalised SAI-PR to the IDI for review by a certified SAI PMF Reviewer. The objective of the Independent Review is to provide external assurance that the SAI-PR report is backed by sufficient evidence and has used the correct application of the SAI PMF methodology. As part of this Independent Review process, IDI will issue an Independent Reviewers’ Statement. This statement will then be included in the final SAI-PR.

The Independent Review is an important part of the SAI PMF process. Independent reviews help to preserve the integrity of the SAI PMF methodology by encouraging its consistent application throughout the INTOSAI Community. The Independent Reviewers’ Statement also servers to instil confidence in readers that the SAI-PR, and the resulting decisions taken by SAIs and stakeholders in addressing the report's findings, are based on a dependable and evidence-based assessment.

For further information about the SAI PMF, please see the webpage here.