CREFIAF Product Adaptation Meeting

Resource Persons from CREFIAF meet in Oslo to work on SAI Engaging with Stakeholders Programme Material.

From the 11th-15th of December 2017, five Resource Persons from 3 CREFIAF SAIs (Burkina Faso, Gabon and Cameroon) met in Oslo to revise and adapt material developed at the global level for the IDI SAI Engaging with Stakeholders Programme. During these five days, they built a comprehensive ownership of the French version of the material as well as contextualizing items and concepts needed to fit the model and environment of SAIs in CREFIAF. This Resource team will be facilitating the SAI-Stakeholder Strategy Development Workshop scheduled for 2018 in CREFIAF. They will also be mentoring SAIs in developing their strategies and implementing their plans to improve communication with key stakeholders identified. The objective is to enhance SAIs capacity in achieving greater audit impact through constructive stakeholder engagement. In 2015, 21 SAIs in CREFIAF signed a statement of commitment to cooperate with IDI in this Programme. In early 2018, participants from those SAIs will be nominated to attend Programme activities.

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