SAIs Engaging with Stakeholders

Greater audit impact through stakeholder engagement

The product development meeting for SAIs Engaging with stakeholders’ programme was held in Kigali, Rwanda; the country of a 1000 hills from 13-24 March 2017.  The aim of the meeting was to develop courseware for training of SAI teams in developing strategies for effective engaging with stakeholders.
The resource team for the meeting were drawn from Sweden, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, Philippines and Tunisia.
During this meeting, the team finalised the course structure of the programme and courseware for all the sessions to be delivered in this programme. The courseware has been developed in English and will be translated in French, Spanish and Arabic. Delivery of the training to SAI teams is scheduled to commence in August 2017 for the English speaking countries.
At the end of the training programme, all the participating SAIs will be expected to develop strategies and action plans for engaging with SAIs prioritised key stakeholders.