Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Plan Review Workshop

How can tools and mechanisms be created for SAIs and stakeholders to interact and jointly work toward improving the audit impact?

IDI held a review workshop on SAIs engaging with stakeholders’ strategic plans developed by SAIs from AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI, CAROSAI and PASAI. This event marked the last review workshop for SAIs from English speaking regions that joined the programme in 2017 and 2018. It was hosted by AFROSAI-E from the 29 November- 7 December 2018 at the AFROSAI-E training facilities.

The aim of the review workshop was for SAIs to share experiences and challenges in their journey towards the development of the plans and offer valuable feedback to peer SAIs Plans. A total of 35 participants from Belize, Eritrea, ESwatini, Lesotho, Micronesia, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Solomon Island, Thailand, The Gambia, Uganda, Tonga and Vietnam were represented.

To enhance the sharing of experience in stakeholder engagement practices, resource persons from across the INTOSAI region namely; Curacao, Cambodia, Guam, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and South Africa played a critical role as lead reviewers.

Members of  AFROSAI-E used this opportunity to share the tool that SAIs may use to practically implement their strategies which could complement the IDI guidance on stakeholder engagement.

Participating SAIs are expected to finalise their plans and commence the implementation of the various strategies developed in engaging with key stakeholders that may help in enhancing the impact of their audits and also enhance the interaction with key stakeholders who may be critical in enhancing the mandate of the SAI and its capacity.



For further information about the SAIs Engaging with Stakeholders Programme, please see the webpage here.