ARABOSAI SFC Audit Planning Workshop

This programme envisages achieving the objective of ‘Greater effectiveness of SAIs in fighting corruption’ by supporting participating SAIs in enhancing results in three areas. 

To achieve greater effectiveness this programme supports participating SAIs in:

  1. SAI Leading by example in implementing ISSAI 30 Code of Ethics – Even as SAIs contribute to the fight against corruption in the country, they need to ensure that their own ethical practices are robust. SAIs are expected to undertake a review of their ethical practices based on ISSAI 30.
  2. Audit of Institutional Frameworks for fighting corruption – SAIs will be supported in conducting ISSAI based performance audits of an institutional framework for fighting corruption. The tools and guidance developed for providing this support are expected to be based on assessment methodologies development by UNDP’s GAIN programme.
  3. SAI-Stakeholder Platform for fighting corruption – This aspect will be an engagement at the SAI level. Depending on the need and commitment of the SAIs, the IDI will support selected SAIs in setting up or enhancing SAI-stakeholder platform for fighting corruption in the respective countries. This aspect would involve advocacy, dialogue with SAI’s partners in fighting corruption and bringing together of different stakeholders at the country level for the common cause of fighting corruption.

ARABOSAI SFC Audit Planning Workshop was held the from the 17th - 21st September.  Eleven ARABOSAI audit teams met in Casablanca, obtaining feedback on the plans they drafted in order to audit the institutional framework for fighting corruption in their respective countries. These participants are now ready to start executing their audit plans. They are expected to finish their audits by the end of February 2019.



For further information about the programme, please see the webpage here.