Audit Review Meeting with AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI & EUROSAI

The second group of INTOSAI English speaking regions review their draft audit reports on auditing frameworks for fighting corruption.

Seven SAIs teams from AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI and EUROSAI gathered in Lusaka, Zambia from the 6th-17th of  August 2018  to complete the peer review of draft Audit reports on auditing Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption in Albania, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Zambia. After completing the Review Meeting, these SAI teams are now working on finalizing their reports by incorporating necessary adjustments and submitting them to auditees for comments. The performance audit reports are expected to be published by the end of 2018 and will formulate recommendations addressing major weaknesses found in preventive systems for fighting corruption at the whole of government level and at the sectoral level, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.



This workshop was part of the SAI Fighting Corruption Programme. To learn more about this programme visit our programme page here.






The first President of the Court of Accounts of Guinea Conakry with staff and PAP/APP planning country visit team members