IDI´s Alain Memvuh on Mali TV News

SAIs face considerable challenges in fulfilling their mandates of preventing, detecting and reporting on corruption.

This audit planning workshop featured on ORTM Mali TV was hosted by SAI Mali from 25 February to 1st March 2019 as part of the SAI Fighting Corruption Initiative. At this workshop 14, CREFIAF country teams came together in Bamako to share their audit plans developed under IDI's SAIs Fighting Corruption initiative. Auditors exchanged planning documents, shared ideas, and received expert feedback from mentors and peers for the upcoming audits.

The 14 SAIs will now initiate the conducting phase of these performance audits of institutional frameworks for fighting corruption. In their audits, the SAIs will be aiming at issuing recommendations to improve the robustness of anticorruption mechanisms in place in a variety of sectors, including the extractive industries, healthcare, education, procurement, and public works. The audit reports are expected to be reviewed in November 2019.

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For further information about the SAIs Fighting Corruption programme, please see the webpage here.