SFC Programme moving forward in OLACEFS

Working with SAIS to strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

IDI is moving forward with its “SAI Fighting Corruption” programme in OLACEFS to assist SAIs in strengthening anti-corruption efforts in their countries. As part of this effort, during the week of October 15th, colleagues from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay met at the offices of SAI Argentina (Auditoría General de la Nación) in Buenos Aires. 

Specialists collaborated on the components “Framework for Preventing Corruption” and “Implementation of ISSAI 30 (Code of Ethics)”.  The first component involves the implementation of a cooperative audit on the Government’s framework for preventing corruption, while the second component seeks to strengthen the SAI’s ethical control system by developing an action plan for its alignment with ISSAI 30 values and principles. Both components will also have their own eLearning course preceding implementation.

The Sustainable Development Goals make an explicit link between corruption and peaceful, just and inclusive societies. SDG 16 and its targets on reducing bribery, strengthening institutions and accessing information are not only valuable aspirations on their own but are also vital conditions for the achievement of all the 17 goals. The SAI Fighting Corruption programme will help meet the SDGs by providing SAIs with more tools to promote anti-corruption efforts in their home countries and around the world. 

IDI looks forward to the engagement in this programme by a significant number of SAI's throughout the OLACEFS region. 

For further information about the SAIs Fighting Corruption Programme, please see the webpage here.