INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

SAIs Fighting Corruption

ISSAI 30 eLearning Course Development Meeting

The SAIs Fighting Corruption team met in Oslo in order to develop eLearning material for Implementation of ISSAI 30.

Audit Review Meeting with ASOSAI & PASAI

Cooperative Performance Audit of Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption where 11 draft audit reports were peer-reviewed.

SFC ARABOSAI Workshop on Audit of Institutional Framework for fighting corruption

12 Audit teams from ARABOSAI are now ready to start auditing the Institutional framework for fighting corruption.

Training Workshop on Auditing Institutional Framework for Fighting Corruption

The Cooperative Audit on Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption meeting kicked off in CREFIAF.

Programme Products Adaptation Meeting

SAI Fighting Corruption Programme: Resource Persons meet in Abidjan to adapt material prior to roll out in CREFIAF in 2018.

Product Development Meeting-SAI Fighting Corruption

The resource team involved in the research project met in Oslo, Norway from 8-19 August 2016 to develop the guidance for audit of institutional framework for fighting corruption and SAIs implementing ISSAI 30.

Global Background Research Project

A resource team from Cameroon, Hungary, Thailand, Zambia and the IDI worked on the Research Project for