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IDI SPMR SAI PMF Basic Training Course in Oslo

NEW global SPMR SAI Basic Training

SAI PMF Basic Training Course

SAI PMF Basic Training Course conducted for SAIs participating in the SPMR Initiative in the AFROSAI-E Region.

SAI PFM Training Course – Advanced Level

The first SAI PMF training course advanced level took place in Lima, Peru, 12-14 February 2019.

El Plan Estratégico de la IDI 2019-2023 ya está disponible en español.

A medida que comienza el 2019, también lo hace el Plan Estratégico de la IDI 2019-2023.

IDI launches SAI Fighting Corruption Initiative in the OLACEFS region

The first activity of IDI´s Cooperative Audit Model, the eLearning course of component 2 "Audit of Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption" has started.

ADA contributes to implement IDI’s new Strategic Plan - a successful decennial cooperation continues

ADA and IDI have signed a new 5-year contract in support of IDI’s wider work and structures.

Notification of Tender

Invitation to bid.

Herramienta de Evaluación de Cumplimiento de la ISSAI (iCAT) de Auditoría Financiera y Guía-Versión 1

Bien Público Global IDI de Auditoria Financiera: Disponibilidad de herramienta iCAT y Guía.

Launch of new Strategic Plan for SAI Eritrea

At a ceremony held on the 22nd of January in the capital Asmara, the Office of the Auditor General launched its five-year Strategic Plan, 2019–2023.

CBC Blog highlights importance of the SPMR Programme

Read how the Director of Practice Development in PASAI explains how the SPMR programme helps SAI's.

IDI advocates for SAI independence in Chad

IDI issues statement concerning developments in Chad following constitutional reform