INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions


IDI-PASAI Quality Assurance workshop in Vanuatu

Facing the challenge of consistently delivering of high-quality audits.

SAI PMF basic training course in Jakarta

SAI PMF-Evidence Based Performance Measurement

AFROSAI-E Technical and Planning Meeting

How can SAIs Demonstrate Relevance?

IDI Board Meeting

The IDI Board meeting was held on 9 November 2018 in Oslo.

SAIs Engaging With Stakeholders in Auditing SDGs

One of the key messages in auditing preparedness of the SDG's is how SAIs engage with stakeholders in auditing SDGs. This notion of stakeholder engagement comes from the way audit teams conduct their work and the nature of the subject matter of SDGs related to stakeholder engagement.

SFC Programme moving forward in OLACEFS

Working with SAIS to strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

The Autumn 2018 INTOSAI Journal is available

Get the latest INTOSAI news and learn more about initiatives that address INTOSAI principles and cross-cutting priorities in this edition's feature articles section online.

Deadline for Comments on Exposure Draft is 18 November 2018

Your comments are requested on the Exposure Draft version 0 of Auditing Preparedness for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals-A Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions. 

15th Compliance Audit Subcommittee meeting, Luxembourg

Discover why CAS is important and the conclusions from this meeting by clicking on Read more.

IDI Programme Manager Presents at EUROSAI Task Force on Audit and Ethics Meeting

What is IDI's Contribution to Increasing the Role of SAIs in Fighting Corruption?

IDI-OLACEFS Auditing SDG Review Meeting

How can this programme contribute to the 2030 Agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goals?