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The state, as a factor of competitiveness – Latest on Public Finance Quarterly

INTOSAI Development Initiative recommends reading the latest issue of Public Finance Quarterly

Financial Audit QA training

IDI conducted the last stage of the 3i Phase II SAI level support programme 

Global Call for Proposals: Tier 1 Launch

The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation today relaunches the Global Call for Proposals (GCP). The GCP is being relaunched in a stronger format with several new features. The GCP matches SAI’s needs-based capacity development proposals with donor funding and/or INTOSAI support

SAIs Engaging with Stakeholders

Greater audit impact through stakeholder engagement

Knowledge sharing in the fight against corruption

Shourjp Chattterjee shares the main elements of the IDI´s programme supporting the fight against corruption

Financial Audit QA Product Development Meeting

A week long meeting on development of Financial Audit Quality Assurance Product was held in Quezon City, Manila from 6-10 March 2017. The expected outputs of the meeting were draft Quality Assurance Guidance document and Quality Assurance Tool developed, which can be used and adapted by the SAIs to conduct quality assurance review of financial audit conducted in accordance with ISSAIs.

Proposals invited from consultants

Proposals welcome for Mid-Term Review


Quality Assurance meeting in the IDI Global Programme on Specialised Audits – Public Debt Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks

The IDI organized a quality assurance meeting on IDI Public Debt Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks (ALBF) Programme. The meeting was held in Asuncion, Paraguay, from 26 to 28 October 2016.

Audit Review Meeting of IDI-OLACEFS 3i Cooperative Performance Audit on Fighting Against Poverty

The IDI-OLACEFS 3i Cooperative Audit Programme on Performance Audit on Fighting Against Poverty has reached it third stage. The participating SAI teams have completed the audit and went for an audit review meeting in San José Costa Rica from 31 October to 5 November 2016 to discuss their draft audit reports.

Finalisation of Guidance

One of the products of the IDI Auditing SDGs programme is a guidance for SAIs called ‘Auditing Preparedness for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals’.

Audit Review and Planning Meeting

Implementation of ISSAIs in Project Audit Vs Donor Requirement

4th International Integrity Seminar

The State Audit office of Hungary is hosted an  International Integrity Seminar