INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions


2019 Winner of SAI Young Leaders Award

Background to the SAI Young Leaders Initiatives.

African Development Bank Staff Equipped with SAI PMF tool

What is the value of SAI PMF training?

Second issue of the ARABOSAI Newsletter

Read the 2nd issue of the ARABOSAI newsletter in English  pdf here (2.67 MB) .

Qatar Backs IDI Independence Work

The State Audit Bureau of Qatar signs a funding agreement with IDI to support the strengthening of SAI Independence and SAIs in challenged environments. 

SAI PMF Implementation Strategy 2020-2022 approved at INCOSAI 2019

What are the priorities for SAI PMF roll-out going forward?

The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia signed an MoU at INCOSAI 2019

What are the plans between these two parties?

Independent Review Workshop in Oslo

Why is an independent review of an SAI Performance Measurement Framework Report crucial?

Visit our IDI booth at INCOSAI 2019

Want to learn more about IDI-our workstreams and activities?

Quality Assurance Review Panel meeting

How does this meeting assist reviewers to conduct Quality Assurance?

IDI's Professional Education for SAI Auditors

What is the latest on IDIs support for SAIs towards ISSAI implementation and professionalization?

Implementation of IDI’s “SAIs Fighting Corruption” initiative in OLACEFS / Audit Component -Audit Plan Review meeting

Implementación de la Iniciativa “EFSs en Lucha contra la Corrupción” en OLACEFS / Componente de Auditoría - Reunión de revisión del Plan de Auditoría