SAI Leadership is widely recognised in the INTOSAI community as the most effective moving force, which transforms an SAI. Supporting SAIs in sustainably enhancing capacities and performance is impossible without SAI leadership driving positive change.

Changed SAI YOUNG LEADERS contributing to positive change in SAIs

During the initiative selected SAI YOUNG LEADERS follow a syllabus that covers four broad clusters – Discover Self, Grow People, Discover Universe and Create Value. The syllabus is covered through SYL Online Interactions, SYL face to face interactions, SAI level interactions in their own SAIs and development and implementation of a change strategy project. SYLs are exposed to theory and best practices by leadership development practitioners, IDI, INTOSAI and regional resource persons. They have opportunities to interact with SAI leaders, leaders from different walks of life and peers, to share experiences and contextualise the theoretical concepts that they are exposed to. They work with case scenarios and a SAI change strategy project for applying their learning to effect change.

SAI Young Leaders Development Framework

Discover Self
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Explore personal qualities - Strategic thinking, Courage, Conviction, Resilience, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Accountability, Compassion, Authenticity, Presence, Innovation
  • Increase intercultural - sensitive behaviour
  • Manage stress, manage time
Grow People
  • Connect with your people (Communication & Interpersonal skills)
  • Help your people grow (Coaching skills)
  • Inspire and Motivate your people (Leadership skills)
  • Manage individual performance (Assessment, feedback)
  • Encourage learning and professional development
Discover Universe
  • Know your SAI ( SAI Performance SAI Capacity, SAI governance arrangements, SAI core business, SAI structures and processes, SAI Environment, SAI stakeholders )
  • Explore INTOSAI and its regions
  • Appreciate ISSAIs
  • Explore global and local trends and issues (SDGs, Data Analytics)
  • Discover the regional and international landscape (stakeholder engagement with international organisations, development partners, professional institutions)
Create Value
  • Envision the future
  • Craft strategy
  • Project Management - Manage Change , Quality, Resources, Risks, Results
  • Leave no one behind
  • Measure Performance
  • Negotiate for mutual gain
  • Advocate and act in public interest
  • Build relationships and partnerships
  • Foster networks and communities
  • Hold ourselves to account
  • Contribute to community

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